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An extra special commission…

An extra special commission…

Wedding lists. You have to be quick; like Glastonbury ticket quick. If you leave it until the last minute you end up buying the happy couple pillow cases or a 13.5 tog duvet. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to have some bedding, especially that extra squishy goose down one from John Lewis, but they’re not going to crawl into bed on a cold winters night saying “brrrr, thank goodness aunt Bessie got us this gift.”. No no, the enthusiast wedding attendee buys the silver cutlery set, or maybe the espresso machine, knowing they’ll be thanked every time they have guests.

This summer, my eldest and only sister, Jacinta, got married to some suave gent called Alec. I logged onto the gift list a month late and was greeted with the most beige selection of gifts; gone were the toasters, the candlesticks, and the blu-ray player. I racked my brains and wondered if a zip-lock bag of my bogies would serve as a suitable gift from a little brother, affectionately known from the age of six as “snotface”.

Wedding photos will have to do, thought I.

Every moment was brilliant: My sister walking down the aisle with my father, Alec crying at the altar, the longest confetti run I have ever seen, a scrumptious dinner, memorable speeches, and a rowdy dance floor filled with friends and family.



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