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St Andrews Voices

St Andrews Voices

80% of the effort involved in photography is about being in the right place at the right time. In order to be in the right place I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to various concerts. Recently, all too often this means I’m sharpening my elbows to get a decent shot of a Vengaboy or a member of S Club 7.

Last year the St Andrews Voices festival held it’s debut and I was so pleased they’ve come back for a second. The festival plays host to a variety of performances from 1940s swing group “The Three Belles” to the famous choir “The Sixteen”. Revd Dr MacEwan said about last night’s concert by the Sixteen “If you are going to attend any concert during your time at St Andrews, make it this one.” and he was right.

My dad, who in the car flicks exclusively between classicFM and radio 3 will appear to be in physical pain if I flick on the contents of my ipod, and I tell him he has a stubborn unwillingness to try anything new. That said, I think we both could listen to a wasp in a jar for longer than we could listen to radio 1. University is about broadening horizons, I’m not sure I know many under 25s who would voluntarily go to a classical music concert, but it was great to see the seats were filled with people of all ages. We’re quick to define ourselves and our personal styles by what we dislike, often through ignorance. Often we say “oh I won’t listen to that rubbish” or “his lyrics are sexist” or even “I don’t understand latin” but in every genre there’s always a sound you like. As comedian and composer Tim Minchin once said “we should be more ‘pro’ stuff” and try everything.

That’s what’s so great about The St Andrews voices festival is that there’s something for everyone, even if you don’t know you like it yet. What’s most impressive is that the festival organisers offer student tickets for £1. St Andrews students and residents are immeasurably lucky to have such a cultural opportunity available to them and I’d say that 5 minutes of any of the concerts held this weekend contribute infinitely more to the Fife zeitgeist than screaming along to Vengaboys’ “BOOM BOOM BOOM” after a few jaeger bombs. Though, to be honest, that’s pretty great too.

It’s been such a pleasure to work with the organisers of St Andrews Voices again and I hope to see them back again next year for another smashing horizon-broadening adventure.



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