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Neil and Jennie

Neil and Jennie

Neil and Jennie have only just finished their medical degrees yet, during their final year, they’ve managed to find the time to arrange a wedding.

They got married on Saturday and for the time being are Mr and Mrs.

…On their graduation day, next Friday, they’ll be Dr and Dr.

What a smashing couple!


On an unrelated and rather geeky note, I used a different camera on this one. A wee while ago I changed all my Sony alpha gear for Canon DSLRs. I’m still very happy with the decision but with another international adventure upcoming I thought it best to have something a little more compact.

Enter the Sony NEX, a mirrorless compact system camera. They’ve caused quite a stir in recent years but what attracted me to them was the ability to use vintage lenses on them. Adaptors exist for almost all lens manufacturers and Sony have implemented a ‘focus peaking’ feature to aid fast and accurate manual focus. I had a great time using a few vintage nikkor lenses at this wedding and hope to try out a few more soon.

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